About Time - Light - Distance

A blog about photography.

I've been keeping a personal blog for a few years now. While it is reflective of my diverse interests -- careening between Literature, Music, Philosophy, Photography, Computer Technology and more -- the lack of any coherent theme makes it difficult for anybody else to follow.

So I've decided to create Time-Light-Distance. This separate, specialized site is the new home for all my photo-related posts. For those who find my work helpful or interesting, I hope T-L-D will make it easier to follow. For myself, I hope that the sharper focus will make a difference in the quality and quantity of my work.

You'll notice with T-L-D I've integrated Blogger with my corresponding photo and video sharing site on SmugMug. I hope that combining the two will not only provide a better user experience, but also make it easier to discuss my work.

If you're a fellow-traveler, you're welcome to watch what I'm learning and doing.